Jay Sullivan

Landscape Design Intern

An inspired urbanist with rural beginnings.

Having grown up in Cross Plains, Wisconsin, Jay is no stranger to the rural landscape. He found his knack for design early on through helping his family with home renovations, fixer uppers, and landscaping.

While Jay enjoyed it all, something about the outdoors kept calling him.

Jay's deep connection to his roots influenced his decision to stay close to home and attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Unlike most students, Jay joined the landscape architecture program right away, knowing it was a natural fit for him.

Living in Madison, Jay quickly became fascinated with the urban landscape.

His passion for both rural and urban landscapes allows him to harmonize the two through design. It's no wonder his greatest design inspiration stems from his time spent on foot exploring the beautiful urban parks and scenic lakefronts of the capital city.

"Constraint creates opportunity."

The guiding principle behind Jay's design approach gives him the positive energy to take on any project, drawing inspiration from the site and the history of its people and natural systems. As he progresses through the landscape architecture program, Jay hopes to study the complexities of both cities and ecosystems, while exploring integrated design solutions to urban challenges.