Jessica Clark

Landscape Designer

Joined by her Siberian Husky, Kona, it is obvious that Jess is undeniably a dog person. Her affinity for canine companions has given her the best excuse to get outside and explore her new home near Milwaukee’s lakefront.

Growing up in both Michigan and Iowa, Jess’s combined interests in art and math led her to pursue a career in architecture at Iowa State University. However, during her freshman year, a chance encounter inspired her to switch gears into landscape architecture- and we are so glad she did!

Always up for a challenge, Jess describes her favorite project she has worked on to date- a 500 sq. ft. playground space for children in a low-income community.

This says everything about what motivates Jess- a desire to improve the lives of others and encourage them to get outside.

We are excited to see how she brings this philosophy to each unique design problem she faces.

For Jess, the desire to challenge herself does not stop at the workplace. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, running, or taking part in the adrenaline-inducing sport of bikejoring (a dog-powered type of mountain biking). When she is not spending time outside, you can find her with her sketchbook or a fresh canvas, working on her latest drawing or painting.

Regardless of how she is spending her down time, who can you be sure is always by her side? Kona, of course.