Samantha Farrell Folger

Landscape Architect

Nature calmed me.

Samantha moved to Middleton, Wisconsin when she was 10 years old. By all intents and purposes, she is a Badger through and through. Graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Landscape Architecture and certificate in Environmental Studies, a service-learning trip to Honduras punctuated her education.

In a new context, designing for a younger generation, discovering how the “environment affects the person, and the person affects the environment.”

Nature focused me.

A move to Boston, with her sights set on improving playgrounds and children’s outdoor learning environments,

Samantha’s tenet was clear: connect humans, specifically youth, with nature.

While in Boston, this tenet grew into a reality as she practiced in a studio specific to K-12 education.

And yet, Nature excited my senses.

“Connecting to nature” extends well beyond Samantha’s design philosophy, as she enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, running, farmer’s markets, and outdoor activities in general.

It’s hard not to be inspired by Sam’s enthusiasm for nature and what it can do for us socially, emotionally, physically, holistically.

Her enthusiasm only amplifies as she offers two decisive pieces of advice, “spend 20 minutes in nature, disconnected from technology” and “when in Cambridge, MA, eat at Pammy’s. Eat everything at Pammy’s.”