Abbie Moilien

Landscape Architect, Vice President

There’s something about landscape architects; be it nature or nurture, that quality we share . . .

whatever it is,

Abbie’s got it.

The statuesque woman did not mess around when she decided on her course in life.  She tested a childhood ambition in her father’s veterinary office, but quickly discovered that it wasn’t for her.  At least landscape architects don’t have to hold their clients down or worry about getting bitten!  No, it would be a different life for Abbie.  She wanted to stay close to her hometown in Waunakee, so she began her studies at UW-Madison.

With an aptitude in both art and science, she developed that unique left brain-right brain balance so helpful in the profession.

Of course there is more to life than just work.  

For Abbie there are two daughters, a husband, friends, gardening, skiing, cooking, eating (in the following order: cookies, brownies, pie . . . and healthy food too), and her dog Charlie.


Abbie is clearly on the path toward her greatest ambition, to improve the lives of others.  All in all, that path looks promising as she leads the office as Vice President.  She avoided the blood and gore in veterinary science, but who knows what nasty stuff might be encountered running a landscape architecture firm.