Christopher Sina

Landscape Architect

His beagle’s name is Pongo. And Pongo’s pal is a rabbit named Potato. Though Potato doesn’t look as potato-y as one might imagine.

Concrete, steel, wood, and brick speak to him. Especially if they are a part of something old that has found a new life.

As many landscape architects do, Chris discovered the profession almost by accident. But accidents can have a way of working out, and in landscape architecture Chris finds a perfect balance of his passion for design, his curiosity of engineering, and his love of the natural world. To him, the bonds that he forges with clients are the most rewarding part of his process.

Chris has a penchant for travel, evidenced by the impressive tally of places he’s visited. Though he’s able tick a few off his long list of to-be-explored destinations each year, it nevertheless continues to grow. Seeking unique outdoor spaces, designed and natural, is something Chris enjoys in his excursions.

With each trip, Chris brings back a newfound, catalogued experience to pull from in his work.

That work reflects his love of studying people, nature, and the experiences that bring them together.