Eva Roos

Landscape Designer

E is for Energy, Exploring, Enthusiasm and Eva.

(and, apparently NOT Extrovert but that's another story)
She's held more jobs (and has more college degrees) than any of us, in all kinds of settings including an Americorps year-long habitat restoration position. There, she lived in a one-room plumbing-free cabin in a part of Northern California so isolated that the major crop grown there is illegal. She talks of checking into her cabin and taking stock of her woodpile, knowing it had to last her through the year.
Prior to joining us she decided to "take a break" from her graduate school career by working, as near as I can tell, at least two positions concurrently, and even now, continuing to follow her past work participating in panel discussions, presentations, and co-director position during her summer vacation next year.
Eva is decidedly a Midwesterner, moreover, a Great Lakes Midwesterner, and while Madison is not in the Great Lakes watershed (apparently a locational criterion for Eva), she was willing to overlook that shortcoming. She is also decidedly a native plant person, intrigued that Wisconsin's driftless area has preserved a wider range of plant diversity.

She is interested in how indigeneity can and should inform design. She loves learning how Indigenous cultures, languages, and ways of knowing teach us how to better relate to our sense of place, self, and landscapes we call home.

She says she appreciates what is good and when it is good. She is most interested in being happy and making people happy; making things better

We're all hoping to keep up with her.