Jared Vincent

Landscape Architect

Authenticity has emerged as somewhat of a buzzword recently, and understandably so. Many of us are being introduced to the wonders of local food or handcrafted furniture. Jared, on the other hand, knows no other way.

Born and bred in Wisconsin, Jared was taught by his father and grandfather to “fix something old, rather than buy something new.” This concept has been ingrained in Jared, who still uses his father’s tools- with his daughter by his side- to further the custom of restoring and enriching that which holds value.  His appreciation of nature and passion for reclaiming, restoring, and rebuilding made landscape architecture a fitting pursuit.

Jared’s design philosophy was influenced by his mentor Professor Phil Lewis, FASLA (the father of the environmental corridor), who encouraged him to

be grounded in the context of every project.

At the heart of his ever-evolving design process is his desire to first listen to the people and learn from the site.   Jared then seeks to understand the inherent patterns and character of a place and express them through meaningful details.

It’s clear that this mindset extends to his home life as well; enjoying unplugged time at home with his wife and two kids making good food, doing puzzles or reading books, and listening to music on vinyl. Splitting wood, carpentry, metal music, home repair, and conquering Mississippi River barges by way of canoe might sound like atypical forms of relaxation, but don’t tell that to Jared.

When tasked with splitting a tough knot, he is not deterred, but instead relishes the opportunity to “remember that piece.”