Karley Bolz

Landscape Designer

Born and raised on the Near-East Side, Karley is the epitome of a Madisonian. Ask her where to grab a bite to eat or a good patio for happy hour, and she'll have ten answers ready for you (and none of them disappoint).

She stuck around for university and, like most of us, side-stepped into Landscape Architecture after her first year at school. Post-graduation, she found herself in San Diego working for a high-end design firm where she honed her skills and leaned into the Southern California lifestyle.

While she's always appreciated good architecture, thoughtfully designed interiors, art, and well-appointed furnishings, her career path as a landscape designer has also allowed her to explore her interest in lush ecological spaces, with forms and textures winning out over fleeting blooms and strict design theories.

When she's out of office, she enjoys biking around the city, thrifting treasures for her maximalist apartment, rock climbing, and exploring unfamiliar places across the world.