Luisa Dummann

Landscape Architect

Luisa grew up in a small town: her home base of Thiensville, WI encompasses an area of just a single square mile. However, her experience of the world has never been small: Luisa and her four siblings have traveled to Mexico to visit family almost every year. It’s clear that this conjunction of experiences has influenced her perspective, both in life and in design.

Luisa began to learn about plants early on from her father, who used his horticulture degree to work for a landscape company. She decided that landscape architecture was for her in high school, after shadowing a family friend.

She prefers not to name a “favorite part” of landscape architecture and enjoys exploring everything the field has to offer.

This is reflected in her eagerness and ability to take on a variety of responsibilities in the office. A graduate of the landscape architecture program at UW-Madison, Luisa is a natural fit in the Saiki Design office. Her experience as a gardener and her love for color give her a unique approach to assignments, from planting design to graphics. When she’s not at work, you might find her biking, running, or cooking, just a few more ways for her to seek out new experiences.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of Luisa’s attitude is her approach to stress-management; she doesn’t have one. Rather, she prevents stress from occurring in the first place by maintaining awareness of a simple fact: more often than not, there is no reason to worry. We look forward to learning a thing or two from Luisa while we have the opportunity to work with her.