Nik Swartz

Landscape Architect

Chewbacca was once quoted as saying, “Gggggaaarrr.”

No one is quite sure what that means (except for maybe Yoda) but

if you ever need a good laugh, have Nik perform his infamous Chewie call.

You don’t have to spend much time with this Wisconsin native to know his warm personality and fun, hardworking attitude.

Passionate about his work, his family, and all sorts of music, Nik is delighted to call Madison his home.

Chalk it up to destiny or fate, but it certainly wasn’t luck that led Nik to a career in landscape architecture.

His great grand father aspired to be a landscape architect in Germany. His dad majored in forestry. His aunt is a master gardener. Would it be a stretch to say it is in his genes? The journey started with engineering at UW-Platteville and ended with a degree in landscape architecture from UW-Madison. Along the way Nik has had the opportunity to work for firms in Wisconsin, Colorado, and Minnesota, which have provided him with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Led Zepplin. Neil Young. Mark Knopfler. Mention any of these names around Nik and you’ll quickly find where one of his greatest interests lies: music. Whether dusting off old albums of the greats or perusing the Madison music scene for new noteworthy musicians, Nik has an insatiable appetite for quality music. If you are lucky you might even get the opportunity to hear Nik covering a selection on his Les Paul.

There’s no doubt that Nik’s personality has rubbed off on the office. Since his arrival there have been new tunes coming from the stereo, more laughs at the office meetings, and less coffee in the pot. We couldn’t be happier to have him on our team.