Pat Saiki

Landscape Architect

Growing up in a rustic log cabin (complete with outhouse) along the Wisconsin River, Pat’s childhood could be best described as Little House in the Big Woods, meets Huckleberry Finn.

It was here she nurtured her love of native plants, the great outdoors, and indoor plumbing. Playing outdoors builds character. For example, Pat describes her March waterskiing exploits as merely “refreshing”. With a childhood that fostered a deep connection to the land, it was an easy decision to study landscape architecture at the UW-Madison. 

Today, Pat’s dedication to the land continues to be a guiding principle at Saiki Design, where her deep-rooted knowledge of native plants, and strong land ethic serve her well.

She is a proponent of sustainable building methods, environmentally sensitive design, and preserving green space in an increasingly developed world. She sets high standards for her work and leads others by example.  

Pat is generous in sharing her knowledge, and believes education is key to a more sustainable future.