Saige Henkel

Landscape Designer

As an introduction to Saige Henkel, a note about our take on design and landscape architecture.

We think of design as problem solving within a unique and changing set of circumstances - landscape architecture even more so as things grow and evolve (quite literally) after our work is complete.  We think an important attribute for an exceptional designer is the ability to change your mind.

Saige is a badger who grew up in small-town Wisconsin.

A very adventurous badger, she spent her senior year of high school studying abroad in France, and her first job after graduating was in San Diego where she spent three years forgetting to re-apply sunscreen at the beach. She loves the kind of camping where you spend most of your time sitting around the fire and eating really good food that’s really bad for you and is a sucker for an expensive cocktail in a terribly lit lounge. Her and her cat, Otis (also from San Diego), are looking forward to settling down and making Madison their home base – at least for a little while.

This leads us to completing our thoughts on what a good designer is - adaptive.

When she was headed to her freshman orientation at UW-Madison, Saige was dead set on enrolling in the school’s international business program, prompted we suppose by her senior year abroad.  Halfway through the drive over, her dad was musing about one of his old college friends who had taken some classes in the Landscape Architecture department and really enjoyed it, even though he never finished the program.

Saige decided, in the spur of the moment, to change her major to Landscape Architecture. Call it a gut feeling.

You can imagine the orientation coordinator’s scramble to get her registered in time. Thankfully, they did.

We are so happy and fortunate that Saige decided to check in with us on employment opportunities upon her return to Wisconsin.  She’s stepped into a multitude of projects in a variety of roles as if she’s been here forever.  We began this with the idea that a designer must be willing and able to change her mind. We think Saige has that box checked emphatically.