American Family Insurance Patios

The renovation of the patios has provided a transformative corporate environment for American Family Insurance that fosters a paradigm shift in the company’s office culture and provides integrated exterior spaces for the health and well-being of its employees and visitors.

Madison, Wisconsin

Saiki Design was commissioned to design a series of versatile patio spaces in the heart of the American Family Insurance corporate campus. The overarching goal of the patio renovations was to facilitate the operational shift to a more flexible work culture and to provide choices and site amenities that would invite employees and visitors to use the patios throughout the day. Saiki Design developed several high-level master plan concepts that investigated myriad options for each space that focused on diversifying uses, maximizing accessibility and respecting the organization’s environmental sustainability initiatives.

Integral to the diversification of uses within those spaces was the reorganization of each space to accommodate both larger corporate-wide events and smaller, more intimate meetings. A fully equipped outdoor kitchen, overhead shade structures, site walls with integrated seating and site terracing help physically define each space, while a diverse selection of both movable and fixed site furniture with various seat and table heights provide flexibility in how people interact within those spaces.

Strategically placed plants, both as specimens and en masse, reinforce this spatial organization while framing views of focal points and contributing to a more pedestrian scale in relation to the adjacent buildings.

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