Bell Labs

One of the highest priorities of the project was to protect and preserve as many of the existing large, mature oaks that defined the vegetative structure of the site. The design team carefully detailed a patio that floats off of the building with a boardwalk with low-impact footings that winds through the lowland oak savanna while mitigating impacts to the intertwined matrix of oak roots.

DeForest, Wisconsin

Bell Labs is a world leader in a very specialized sector of technology and manufacturing and was in the process of relocating their office from Madison to a heavily wooded, remnant oak savanna site adjacent their manufacturing facilities to realize a consolidated corporate campus. Saiki Design worked closely with the architectural team to site the building in order to mitigate impacts to steep slopes, preserve as many of the existing stately, mature oaks as possible and create a marriage of site and building that captured the vision and goals of the client.

Saiki Design crafted an entry drive sequence that enhanced wayfinding for users and visitors to specific destinations within the Bell Labs campus and created an elevated entry landscape character. A broad landscape vision for the site led to the restoration of swaths of native shortgrass prairie, preserving and enhancing the oak savanna community and integrating a simple palette of plantings around building entries.  Outdoor patios, walkways and amenity spaces are sited with direct connections to interior spaces and to highlight the spectacular application of broad vegetation community preservation and restoration at this corporate headquarters.

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