Carson Gulley Center Renovation

The project resulted in a number of infrastructure improvements and provided substantial site improvements in order to better accommodate overall programmatic and food service needs of the West Campus district.

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Saiki Design provided site planning and design for the project and focused on accessibility, sustainability and creating strong connections between the site and other nearby campus buildings and open spaces. A large outdoor dining terrace captures views to Lake Mendota and is defined by custom-detailed, locally quarried limestone walls that complement the stone masonry of the historic building. The terrace was designed with permeable precast pavers to increase infiltration and mitigate stormwater runoff impacts on the lake. Bioinfiltration gardens at the perimeter of the dining terrace blend the terrace into the backdrop of the nearby Lakeshore Nature Preserve and capture, treat and infiltrate water runoff from a steeply sloped hillside nearby. Graceful, sweeping sidewalk alignments softened the formality of the architecture while providing accessible and convenient paths of travel through the site.

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