Comiskey Park Redevelopment

Comiskey Park Redevelopment weaves the community's aspirations into a vibrant urban oasis in Dubuque's North End Neighborhood.

Dubuque, Iowa

In collaboration with the City of Dubuque, Saiki Design revitalized Comiskey Park, a once under-utilized green space in Dubuque‘s North End Neighborhood. The park's revitalization resulted from a thorough public engagement process including meetings, workshops, and extensive survey distribution. Information gathered created the foundation of Comiskey Park’s renewed vision, inspired by the community's desires.

The approach was simple: listen and create. Utilizing the participant feedback, we created a framework that seamlessly combined their desires. The framework plan features basketball courts, a playground, a splash pad, shade structures, and a versatile lawn—a vibrant and flexible park tailored to the community's needs.

Fostering connectivity, Saiki Design strategically created a network of sidewalks in and around the park to strengthen the connection between the North End Neighborhood and the nearby Bee Branch Greenway and Heritage Trail networks. As a primary goal of the project, this increased circulation also improves access to the site for pedestrians, cyclists and those using public transportation. A future reconfigured parking lot near the existing community building accommodates multiple vehicles for daily park activities or special events.  Thoughtful placement of native seeding areas defines the programmed spaces closer to the existing community building and reinforces the sustainability goals of the project by providing habitat for native pollinators.

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