Dejope Residence Hall

Saiki Design played a leading role in designing the 28,362 square foot green roof which included decorative stone ballast, precast concrete pavers and diverse plantings. The green roof is visible from second-floor conference rooms and upper floors of private residential suites.

University of Wisconsin – Madison

The University’s mission of providing high quality residential life spaces and its environmental ethic guided the site design of this new residence hall, resulting in ample outdoor gathering spaces of varying sizes and thoughtfully designed on-site stormwater infiltration areas integrated throughout the entire site. A significant challenge of the project was to provide exterior amenity spaces for the residential and food service components of the building while integrating the project as a whole into the larger context of the Lakeshore Residence Halls complex of buildings and the adjacent Lakeshore Nature Preserve.

The project features an extensive patio constructed with permeable pavers that serves as an extension of the indoor dining space and provides exterior event space for special food service and residential life gatherings. Five strategically located bioretention areas, in conjunction with a 28,000 square foot green roof, form a comprehensive stormwater management network. A large limestone council ring features information plaques that honor the eleven tribal nations of Wisconsin. Lush planting beds of native trees, shrubs and perennials integrate the site with the Lakeshore Nature Preserve and picturesque shoreline of Lake Mendota.

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