Green Technology, Training & Enterprise Center

Integrated bioretention and raingarden areas highlight the challenging topographic changes as they wind through the site’s major circulation pathways.

Plain, Wisconsin

Located in the Honey Creek Business Park and owned by the Village of Plain, Green TTEC is a project that promotes the green industry and entrepreneurship through rental of classrooms, workshops, meeting rooms and business incubator space. The building and site are a showcase for green design, achieving LEED Gold certification from the US Green Building Council.

Saiki Design crafted a site and landscape plan that modeled a unique approach to sustainable landscape practices. A vegetated swale and bioretention basin collect parking lot run-off and help to promote infiltration. Mostly native ornamental shrubs and grasses, clustered around fieldstone boulders, provide structure and interest in the landscape. A ring of boulders creates a gathering space outside of the conference room. Green roof trays and solar collectors cover the roof of Green TTEC. The green roof trays were carefully selected to create flowing swaths of color and texture throughout the growing season.

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