Highway 41 Reconstruction

The reconstruction of a major interstate highway by sheer nature of its duration and impacts challenged the design team to look closely and specifically at each individual interchange. Carefully combining unique community identity features and themes with an overall corridor design delivered a project that is cohesive and yet reflective of each individual communities it accesses.

Winnebago & Brown Counties, Wisconsin

As part of a decade-long project, Saiki Design provided landscape architectural services to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation during a corridor-wide reconstruction of US Highway 41 in Brown and Winnebago Counties. The project scope included over twenty miles of highway reconstruction including fourteen major interchanges, thirty-one roundabouts, miles of median with specific community identity features and planting design for highway infields and stormwater ponds.

As part of a larger community sensitive solutions (CSS) effort, Saiki Design worked closely with individual stakeholder groups and municipalities along the corridor to define community entries, themes or character. Those elements of identity were translated into the plan drawings in the form of seasonal planting plans for roundabouts and medians; individual landscape materials for medians and roundabouts including decorative concrete paving and specific plant material selection.

The Oshkosh Public Museum provided images from their collections and the design team at Saiki Design wove those together into a custom design for a large wall adjacent a multiuse pedestrian path in Oshkosh.  At Pamperin Park in Brown County, the design team carefully inventoried stone and mortar types from an extant historic pavilion structure and crafted the design and details for a new stone and pillar entry feature to Pamperin Park County Park.

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