The renovation of Hilldale shopping center involved reinvigorating a stable but aging shopping mall through a multi-use infill approach.

Madison, Wisconsin

Saiki Design has been part of the large-scale evolution of Hilldale for over fifteen years and was involved in the most recent series of site renovations to create and enhance open space amenity areas adjacent to and between buildings, complementing new anchor and boutique retail spaces, restaurants and entertainment venues. In addition to work on the Hilldale property, Saiki Design has participated in the development of the immediately surrounding area to include multi-family housing projects, a prominent chain hotel and office spaces that are catalyzed by and contribute to the continued success and viability of the district . The transformation responds to constantly evolving changes in brick-and-mortar retail strategies, mixed use initiatives, parking capacity strategies and city planning principles. As the mall witnessed changes in anchor retail tenants and location, it evolved to its current strategy of an outdoor shopping experience within a highly diverse neighborhood center.

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