Hotel Indigo

True to the Hotel Indigo brand, the project drew inspiration from the eclectic neighborhood and has become a vibrant reflection of the community itself. The outdoor amenity spaces draw from the industrial character of the corridor with an intentional selection of playful colors and materials.

Madison, Wisconsin

This unique project in downtown Madison fused a century-old, abandoned building renovation with a new building addition, creating a destination along the rapidly redeveloping East Washington Avenue corridor. Future development plans for the remainder of the block challenged landscape architects at Saiki Design to create a dynamic but compact footprint adjacent the building itself that would remain undisturbed by future growth while at the same time providing required surface parking at the periphery to fulfill City code requirements until the development of structured parking.

Taking cues from the core vision of the boutique hotel branch of the Intercontinental Hotel Group, landscape architects at Saiki Design crafted custom site elements that mixed urban-industrial materials and forms with modern splashes of color and light. Custom metal gabions were detailed to create a false facade for an elevated dining terrace along the active, vibrant East Washington Avenue corridor. On the opposite edge of the site adjacent the drop-off and main building entry, an exterior courtyard featuring a semi-custom gas fireplace, movable sectional furniture, an open lawn panel and freestanding custom gabion benches with black locust wood tops are backdropped by the historic building’s facade.

A simple, urban palette of plants was repeated throughout the site, creating structure, texture and continuity consistent with the brand’s overall vision. Integrated site lighting included custom illuminated gabions, plants and exterior brand signage.

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