Kohl Center

The Kohl Center is an icon of the University of Wisconsin - Madison campus and a centerpiece of the University’s Athletic Department.

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Saiki Design was part of a large, multidisciplinary team responsible for site planning and design from project inception through construction documentation and construction administration. Site planning challenges included the connection of building entries with major pedestrian circulation corridors, limited on-site parking, truck and semi-trailer delivery requirements, media equipment and vehicle staging areas, integrated bus loading zones, embedded homeland security measures and landscape restoration strategies to accommodate heavy foot traffic.

The events center sees its highest volume of use in the winter months and the project was challenged to seamlessly provide additional accommodations for the cold, dark and snowy winters in Wisconsin. Design detailing considered snow removal and storage requirements, winter interest in the landscape, integrated site lighting and creative pavement drainage. Saiki Design was involved in a subsequent site renovation project that integrated several monumental light sculptures along major pedestrian walkways leading to the event center’s front doors. Saiki Design worked with the public artist and project engineer to locate the sculptures and ensure that the overall site design and homeland security measures remained intact

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