Lakeshore Nature Preserve

The 300-acre Lakeshore Nature Preserve is one of the most celebrated and beloved natural areas in all of Madison and the very first master plan for The Preserve symbolizes the recognition of this sacred open space as an important and cohesive open space and lays groundwork for protection, preservation and enhancements within its boundaries.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Saiki Design completed a master plan for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Lakeshore Nature Preserve (formerly Campus Natural Areas) which encompasses approximately 300 acres within the urban setting of the UW-Madison campus. The Preserve includes a complex matrix of forests, prairies, wetlands, and former savanna ecosystems, each having unique requirements for access, maintenance, and preservation/restoration. An extensive site analysis brought to light numerous issues and challenges that impacted the health of the Preserve; from the presence of invasive species to the impacts of off-site runoff on Preserve hydrology to user impacts in ecologically sensitive areas. The presence of archaeological resources and historic structures added yet another layer of depth and challenge in planning and design.

The Master Plan provided broad recommendations for vegetation management, human use and stormwater management but also explored a finer level of detail in planning and design that included recommendations for site features along circulation routes, creation of a design vocabulary for signage and materials, and formulation of recommendations for trail types and standards. The Lakeshore Nature Preserve Master Plan received an Honor Award from the Society for Campus and University Planning (SCUP) and a planning award of excellence from the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

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