Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District Pump Station 15

Saiki Design was responsible for construction documents for site specialty items and site planting and restoration. The project received numerous awards from multiple industry agencies and programs.

Madison, Wisconsin

Located within a public easement inside the boundaries of Marshall Park and near the shores of Lake Mendota, the project was challenged to uphold an elevated level of sustainability and stormwater management and minimize impacts to the lake and surrounding open space. The project included two new structures: one to house pumps and electrical equipment and the other to provide public restrooms. The site design integrated these structures with an aquatic invasive species control center for water sports enthusiasts using Marshall Park as their entry point to the lake.

The site design featured numerous green infrastructure elements that were identified through the ISI Envision process and aligned with MMSD’s mission to protect water resources. Stormwater runoff from the buildings and site is captured, staged and treated through a series of interconnected measures including a green roof, permeable paver walkway, two bioretention cells and a vegetated swale. MMSD’s desire to strengthen their core mission and values and improve their visibility within the community resulted in additional features like educational signage, a viewing deck and window into the pump station, and a public plaza with restrooms, water, seating and a bike repair stand.

The project was awarded a gold rating from the ISI Envision rating system.

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