Pedestrian Connection

In pursuit of an urban, walkable downtown that connects the community to the adjacent Fox River waterfront, the City of Menasha commissioned Saiki Design to design a linear space between buildings, connecting available parking to downtown businesses through a vibrant pedestrian walkway.

Menasha, Wisconsin

Challenged to envision an urban pedestrian connection between the Broad Street parking ramp and Main Street, including additional pedestrian safety crossing accommodations on Mill and Main Streets, Saiki Design developed a vision for the narrow sliver of space between two existing buildings that is just as much a destination as it is a connection.  It provides flexible support space for community events and spill-over space for adjacent businesses as an exterior amenities corridor.

Attention to detail in the paving, re-use of limestone materials from historic structures from the area, and creation of attractive elements like a custom community table for ad hoc seating or organized events supports the idea that the space is an outdoor living room and gathering space as much as a way to traverse between destinations.

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