The Lighthouse at TruStage

A re-imagined campus center eliminates surface parking and vehicular circulation prioritizing pedestrian spaces and connections.

Madison, Wisconsin

Saiki Design worked with EUA architects on a comprehensive plan and subsequent site design projects for the TruStage (formerly CUNA Mutual Group) campus.  The plan sought to prioritize pedestrian spaces and create a campus environment with buildings framing a large, re-imagined campus center free of surface parking and vehicular circulation. Intentional at-grade pedestrian connections from the campus center to the building entries were designed with input from client user groups.

Saiki Design collaborated on the framework plan and provided site planning and design for a new building and underground parking ramp, seamlessly marrying the above-structure green roof and roof terrace features with the at-grade spaces beyond.  The site accommodates both day-to-day function and spaces for large events, providing a flexibility in use that allows the space to adapt to the nuanced needs of the client.  Close to the building, intimate seating areas provide spaces for small meetings or informal gatherings and transition to larger gathering spaces for meetings, lunches or events farther away from the building.  Lush planting and landscape restoration strategies hide the demarcation between above-structure and at-grade landscape spaces.  Site stormwater is harvested and re-used for irrigation and a 3,000 square foot bioretention basin provides additional capacity to capture and infiltrate stormwater on site.

The project contains a number of innovative sustainability strategies and achieved both Parksmart Bronze and LEED Gold certifications. The project was also recognized by The Daily Reporter with a Top Project of the Year award.

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