West & East Blum Remediation and Open Space

The City of Dubuque received an EPA Brownfields Cleanup grant to fund the remediation and redevelopment of two underutilized city-owned parcels that form the gateway to the Washington Street neighborhood. Saiki Design led site planning and design efforts to re-envision the land as open space that integrates a city services building and connects to the Bee Branch Creek Restoration project.

Dubuque, Iowa

The West & East Blum project transformed a brownfield remediation site into a neighborhood gateway, maintenance facility, community center and park space. Situated at the confluence of the Bee Branch Creek, Canadian Pacific Railroad and 16th Street, the West & East Blum site design project was a continuation of the master planning and site design work for the Bee Branch Creek Restoration project that Saiki Design was continuously involved with for more than ten years. The City of Dubuque was awarded a Brownfield Cleanup Grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, making the project possible.

The project went through several design iterations as it worked to mediate stakeholder input and strike a balance between City and community visions for this new public open space. Desired park amenities included flexible lawn areas, basketball courts, an accessible fishing pier and unmotorized boat launch, multi-generational exercise equipment, natural playscapes, structured climbers, a bike and scooter playground and a pavilion structure to support neighborhood gatherings.

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